Turbulence (Build a Withstanding Mindset)


Life Happens! It Won’t Bring You Down If You Build a Withstanding Mindset.

Turbulence or Upheaval (Building a Withstanding Mindset)
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Turbulence or Upheaval can happen in our lives without notice. If it brings you down you can bounce back by building a  Withstanding Mindset. 

Is the day not going right, or is it life in general?

Turbulence happens unexpectedly at times. This can include everything from just being in time to miss the bus or train on the way to work, suffering the loss of a loved one or being ill yourself. Dealing with upheaval can be difficult. Especially when things happen in close succession, a bit like pregnancy contractions. Things get serious very quickly when they start occurring closer together.

Dealing with this kind of stress can be a challenge. How do you lift yourself up and keep going when turbulence seems intent on bringing you down?

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The trick is to start with your mindset. It is weary struggling to stay on course. There comes a time when you need to recognise life is going to happen despite your best efforts. Your life may go slightly off-route, and on occasion, your plans are going to blow up in your face.

Recognise and acknowledge that you are always in the position of power.  Do not panic and do not fear, that is how downward spirals begin. You are the pilot of your life; you can change course at any time you choose.  It may not be your first choice but can be your defining change.

Once you remove the clouds of fear and panic, you will have clearer vision and thinking to chart a different path.

Take a few deep breaths, get steady and keep moving forward.

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Turbulence or Upheaval (Building a Withstanding Mindset)
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