Boost Your Confidence

If You Believe It, You Can Be It!

Self-Belief Is a Predictor of Success

What do you believe? According to science, believing in yourself is the strongest predictor of success.  High achievers in life do not allow self-doubt, worry or outside influences to stop them from believing in their goals.  If you want something, make this your mantra: “If you believe it, you can be it”.

Two Separate Belief Systems

Researchers often look at students when studying beliefs and success. Students more or less have the same goals, which include doing well on tests, finishing assignments and graduating.  However, although students have similar goals, their belief systems differ.

Psychologists have identified two separate belief systems about learning and success.  Firstly, belief in free will is held by people who think they can make their own choices and succeed, regardless of internal or external challenges.  Secondly, belief in fixed ability is held by people who think their success is predetermined at birth by the skills and abilities they possess.

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