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At the end of your FREE TRIAL pay as little as $4.99 per week, $17.00 per month or $127.00 per year

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Mindfulness Meditations

Workout Exercise videos provided by personal trainers

(Pilates, fitness exercises, yoga for seniors, push-up exercises, bodybuilding, HIIT workout, thigh and butt workout and more)


A range of self-development audio tracks

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This is a collection of mindfulness meditations, Yoga and other practices.  Each lesson is designed to help you enjoy the present moment, focus internally as well as externally and enjoy a peaceful night rest. So often we are bogged down with the stress of yesterday or fears of the future and sometimes it can keep us up at night. At times it may be just hormones playing up. Whatever the reason there is always a good reason to relax and enjoy peace and rest.

Meditation and Mindfulness give us the ability to transform our mindset with just one or more daily practices. The calm and clarity it brings mentally and emotionally enables you to become more creative in your thinking which can lead to abundance in your life.

Your subscription also includes a series of exercise video lessons provided by personal trainers for you to enjoy on-demand. These include pilates, fitness exercises, yoga, fat-blasting workouts, bodybuilding, weight bench and more.

These lessons are available on a rolling subscription basis and will be updated on a regular basis.

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