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Can you guarantee these programs will help me?

These programs are designed to bring to the awareness of your conscious mind, knowledge and experiences which can begin to change the way you look at a lot of things.

Once you have become aware of how certain experiences, beliefs and ways of thinking can impact your life and how you can change them, there is no going back. For any program to be effective the client must want what is on offer, i.e. you should only undertake any coaching if you personally feel you are ready for transformation and not because others think you should.

For any change to be lasting, clients are expected to implement the practical suggestions which will bring about results. It is also important to set personal milestones for achievement to keep you going. It is so easy to stop after we have accomplished our initial goals.

Therefore, the success or guarantee of these or any programs helping you solely depends on you emotionally buying into them by personally seeking that change and more. As coaches we are facilitators, we will give you all the tools and the know-how but you create the masterpieces.


Can I stop medication while undergoing coaching?

We absolutely do not recommend that you stop taking your medications without the advice of an appropriate medical professional while doing these programs or any others. Discuss the coaching with your medical professional if you have one and how you would like to perhaps develop a plan to become more independent of them with successful coaching.


Can I take these programs along with other therapies?

Yes! These programs are useful in empowering you while building your confidence and resilience.


Will I be able to communicate with the coach the same as a therapist?

You will be able to communicate directly with the coach via text messages and emails while enrolled on a program. If you are registered for one to one coaching you will have direct telephone conversations with the coach on a regular basis. Coaching is not the same as therapy so we do not spend a lot of time having you rehash all your negative experiences. We aim to provide you with knowledge and tools to aid your transformation, without having to unlock any unnecessarily uncomfortable doors.



Are these therapy programs?

No! These programs are designed to bring about rapid change by helping you to shift limiting beliefs and adopt a winning mindset that can set you free from past shortcomings. We do not make any diagnosis of conditions we just facilitate your transformation based on experience and knowledge of proven tools and techniques that work.



Do I need any special qualifications to do these programs?

No! There is no special educational requirement to do these programs. However, the programs are in English so we expect that clients will be proficient in reading, speaking and understanding the language to be successful.


Will I be supported during the program?

Yes! You will be supported during the program with regular individual calls or group calls, depending on the form of coaching you choose. If you need clarification or help with any part of the program outside of these calls, the coach is just an email or text message away. Additional calls can be provided outside of packages at a fee to be determined.


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