Stop Existing and Start Living

Stop Existing and Start Living!

Get Out of Your Business-as-Usual Comfort Zone

Stop existing and start living. You are existing and not living if you feel like life has become predictable, unfulfilling, and boring. Deciding to make a change does not mean you have to turn your life upside-down, but it is an opportunity to reflect on what has become your normal way of doing things and perhaps try something new.

Whether it is a lifestyle, location, or career change there are some simple things you can do right now to get out of that rut and start enjoying life again.

Happiness and Joy

What Brings you Happiness and Joy?

Have you ever just sat down and thought of the things that really bring a smile to your face? What lifts your spirits and puts a spring in your step? What makes your heart sing and your energy levels skyrocket? Some people feel happiest out in nature, while others prefer sports or reading. Maybe you love the arts or helping people. Whatever you enjoy, try doing more of it; consequently, your joy can only increase.

Make a list of what makes you happy, add some things which you have always wanted to try but never had the opportunity or time to do. Make a conscious decision to actively do the things on the list. Start with what is most achievable and work your way down. Making a list is the first step to accomplishing our goals. Remember to acknowledge your efforts and successes.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Most people are so busy with everyday life that they do not make time to get out of their comfort zone and do something different. When was the last time you tried something new or challenging? Be open to new experiences, start saying “yes” to yourself and choose to do things that feel good. Maybe you can even go a step further and try something that scares you, even though you always wanted to do it. It is really important to get on the other side of fear. Fear often holds us back from trying new things.


Make a ‘Stop Doing’ List

Begin saying “yes” to those things, experiences and even people in your life that make you feel good. Be empowered to say “no” to those who drain you emotionally.

Make a stop-doing list! You are probably well aware of the bad habits you have fallen into and the things you do that do not bring you joy. While there are some things you have no control over, see what energy-draining tasks and experiences you can eliminate from your life.

Write a list to remind yourself of the things you can choose not to do, and free up time for the things that make your heart soar, hence making you feel empowered and confident.


Declutter Your Life

Declutter your Life

Most people have way too much stuff in their lives. Look around you right now and see what is holding you back. Clutter includes spending hours scrolling through social media, limiting beliefs and bad lifestyle habits as well as all that junk under the stairs.

According to research, clutter can provide visual distractions which increase cognitive overload and can reduce working memory. In 2011, neuroscience researchers using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and other physiological measurements found that clearing clutter can result in better ability to focus, process information and increase productivity.

Therefore, decluttering your life can provide enormous benefits to your mental and physical health.

Say No to Fear

Say No to Fear

Perhaps the single most empowering thing you can do to get out of a rut is to walk away from fear. Fear will stop you from taking risks, big or small. It is a barrier to your mental, emotional and at times physical freedom. Overcoming fear gives you personal power and opens the door of possibility and opportunity. Moreover, we feel more at peace when we get to the other side of fear. Besides, very often when we look back on our fears we wonder what all the fuss was about.

Stop giving in to fear and take back control of your life. Stop Existing and Start Living!


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