Self-Improvement and Self-Development (A Journey)




30 Lessons Learned on a Self-Improvement Journey

“Experience is not what happens to us, it is what we do with what happens to us” Aldous Huxley


Every day we learn a new lesson! In this blog, we will share at least thirty of the lessons which have been learned by many over the years. Maybe you have already discovered and learned some of them on your own.

Have a look at the video and read the post to see if you have learned the same lessons we have so far. If you find new ones take a free mental download and incorporate them on your journey to being the best version of yourself.

Self-development and Self-improvement


The Best Learning comes from Experiences

We can often watch others and learn from them but nothing can take the place of our personal experiences. Learning takes place on three levels. If our learning only takes place on a cognitive level (where we depend on memorizing) we will lose up to eighty per cent of what we have learnt.

No wonder the old cliche’ “sometimes we have to get burnt to learn” comes to mind. However, when we are emotionally and physically involved in an experience our learning retention can increase to ninety-five to one hundred per cent. That is a huge difference from losing eighty per cent from just seeing and having things taught to us by others.

Self-development and Self-improvement

Cognitive Learning

This can be just as true for learning life lessons as it is for academics.

“Anything that hurts you can teach you! If it keeps hurting it is because you haven’t learned” unknown

When we learn from our experiences it gives us a huge amount of personal power to transform. Pain, fear and trauma can create fierce determination within us. We can flip the script and let our experiences work for us.


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