Afraid Of Meditation? Some People Are!

Afraid of Mindfulness Meditation? Some People Are!

Many People Practise their Own Form of Mindfulness Meditation Unwittingly.



Afraid of Mindfulness Meditation? Some People Are!

Guided Meditations compared to the regular focusing of the mind

We regularly focus the mind when:

  • Setting goals
  • Visualising/fantasising about the future, dream holidays and more
  • We study a particular topic
  • We reflect on past events

However, there is usually no set structure as focusing tends to be more random.

This can possibly account for any under-achievement of goals and objectives we set for ourselves.

With Guided Meditation:

  • Sessions are structured to achieve specific outcomes, e.g. relaxation
  • People tend to lay flat or sit in a particular position
  • Time is allocated for the practice
  • Eyes are usually closed
  • Sessions are most often guided by a practitioner
  • There tends to be a relaxing musical background

I have people within my circle who are afraid of meditation. Some say that it conflicts with their religious beliefs. Others see it as spooky, laying still with their eyes closed. In addition, one person told me that she sees it as evil.

What is Mindfulness Meditation really?

The main core of meditation is focusing your thoughts and awareness internally. Mindfulness meditation can include aspects of focusing the mind and awareness externally.

Who is in control of your thoughts? You are. You:

  • are always in control of your thoughts, whether during meditation or everyday life
  • have the power to direct your focus and attention in whichever direction you wish.

Many people associate meditation with far eastern culture. However, meditation is practised in different forms by many different cultures and religions throughout the world. We often practise forms of meditation without realising.

Why did I get Into Meditation?

I got into meditation because I was having difficulty sleeping some nights. I was also concerned about the overall effects of not getting enough sleep. In addition, being a mum of two small children I needed every bit of rest and energy to keep up.

My first guided meditation was around twelve minutes long and it was about focusing on the sensations I could feel in my body as the blood circulated. It may sound simple but it was extremely powerful and increased my focus and relaxation. It also promoted calm, rest and peace of mind.

The worst thing we can do when we have difficulty sleeping is to worry about it. I felt so relaxed and surprisingly energised after meditating that I was able to function in spite of a lack of sleep. This took away any worry about sleeping.

After three sessions of doing the same meditation, I began to reap huge benefits. The more I practised, the more my benefits increased. My creative ability expanded, optimism was flowing and I was exercising more personal power and control in my life. I went from experiencing lack in some areas to an abundance of opportunities.

Meditation is Unique to every Individual



Guided Meditation takes you from just regular focusing of the mind to a more structured approach. You can set your personal intentions and measure them against the outcomes you achieve at the end. It helps us to develop a good habit of taking time out for ourselves to focus on the things that matter to us.

We can direct our attention to those things that will help us live as our authentic selves. Many people are enlightened by the power of simple meditations and the ability to bring about enormous amounts of relaxation and focus. If you are religious you can use that quiet time to direct your focus on that area of your life.


Guided meditations provided by trained practitioners do not usually include any form of religious practice. There is no need to be afraid of Mindfulness Meditation. Furthermore, you can take your meditation outdoors in open and relaxed spaces or wherever you prefer. So besides being in control of your mind and thoughts, you are also in control of your environment as well.

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