Whatever Happens, You Will Handle It!

  Who are you going to trust? Whatever happens, you will handle it! When going through tough times, it may be tempting to give up and doubt yourself. This is never the solution. What you need to do is learn to trust yourself and know that no matter what life brings your way, you will […]

Boost Your Confidence

If You Believe It, You Can Be It!

Self-Belief Is a Predictor of Success What do you believe? According to science, believing in yourself is the strongest predictor of success.  High achievers in life do not allow self-doubt, worry or outside influences to stop them from believing in their goals.  If you want something, make this your mantra: “If you believe it, you […]

The Pros of Being Life's Optimist

The Pros of Being Life’s Optimist

Pros of Being Life’s Optimist. There is increasing evidence that being optimistic about life has measurable benefits, not just for your mental health, but your physical well-being too. Scientific studies have shown that as you become more optimistic, your life will improve in all sorts of ways. You are even likely to have a longer […]

How to Design the Life You Want (Apple’s Way)

Adopting Apple’s Strategy into Your Life Design the Life you want. You probably have at least one Apple product in your home. If you do not have one, you probably know someone who does. Apple has become shorthand for ubiquitous, sustainable success and instant recognizability. Apple has a small stable of products that do exceptionally […]

Stop Existing and Start Living

Stop Existing and Start Living!

Get Out of Your Business-as-Usual Comfort Zone Stop existing and start living. You are existing and not living if you feel like life has become predictable, unfulfilling, and boring. Deciding to make a change does not mean you have to turn your life upside-down, but it is an opportunity to reflect on what has become […]

Afraid Of Meditation? Some People Are!

Afraid of Mindfulness Meditation? Some People Are!

Many People Practise their Own Form of Mindfulness Meditation Unwittingly. Afraid of Mindfulness Meditation? Some People Are! Guided Meditations compared to the regular focusing of the mind We regularly focus the mind when: Setting goals Visualising/fantasising about the future, dream holidays and more We study a particular topic We reflect on past events However, there […]

Good Health and Business Success

Good Health and Business Success (Your Health Is Your Wealth)

Good Health & Business Success Your Health is Your Wealth   Health and Work Your health is your wealth! When you are working on growing your business or even working hard to get that next promotion, it is easy to put in long, hard hours and in the process neglect your health. Health and Exercise […]


Self-Improvement and Self-Development (A Journey)

      30 Lessons Learned on a Self-Improvement Journey “Experience is not what happens to us, it is what we do with what happens to us” Aldous Huxley Self-Improvement-and-Self-Development-A-Journey. Every day we learn a new lesson! In this blog, we will share at least thirty of the lessons which have been learned by many […]

Your Mindset Can Free You (Building a Withstanding Mindset)

YOUR MINDSET CAN FREE YOU (Personal Development)

Your Mindset Can Free You (Take Charge Of Your Emotional and Mental Health). Change your mindset, change your life. Build a withstanding mindset to free you from the emotional and mental chains and start living as the best version of you. As human beings, we get emotional and it is nothing to be ashamed of […]