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Personal Transformation and Breakthrough Coaching is an effective, enlightening way to elevate your life. One to One coaching is currently available to you.

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Optimistic people enjoy happier and healthier lives. “Hope empowers us to keep going even when times seem dark.” Natasha McDowall

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Natasha McDowall

Niche, Aim and Benefits

Motivating Global’s programs are suitable for anyone interested in personal transformation. Natasha McDowall currently operates a small niche where she works with women who have suffered from anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, emotional or mental breakdown.  Even if you have not had any of those experiences but just want to change the direction of your life, transformation coaching will benefit you.

The aim is to facilitate learning and lasting change through coaching by empowering you to be your authentic self, find your voice, become mentally and emotionally resilient. In short, being the person you have always imagined yourself to be.

Transformation does not only lead to empowerment and personal success, but freedom from the chains that have bound your life. Go from people-pleasing or just accepting and fitting in, to taking charge and finding your voice. When this happens, the authentic you can emerge. As a result, you can feel more empowered to set goals for achieving the things you have always wanted.
Moreover, being your authentic self will allow those unique hopes, dreams and desires you have for yourself to come to the surface and be realised. As a result, you will no longer need or seek the validation of others consciously or subconsciously. You will not need permission to be you.
It is about helping you to take hold of the steering wheel and move your life in the direction you want to go.
Are you controlling the wheel of your life right now?

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“Natasha has been involved in our project aimed at improving mental health services for our users through staff training. She has been working with us throughout the planning phase of the project and has also been part of delivering the training by sharing her lived experience and how she has arrived at the place where she is today. Natasha has provided useful insight into what works well in helping our users manage their mental health issues and has gained a lot of wisdom from her experience. At the end of the staff training when we ask for feedback, Natasha’s name is mentioned a lot and the people say how much they have valued her input. We all have the same goal which is to improve lives and offer hope to the people who use our services.” Elena Ely Project Coordinator and Nurse
NHS Project

Happiness comes when we feel in control of our destiny, (life is happening through us NOT to us).


Happiness, confidence and optimism build resilience. Pessimism stays flat but optimism bounce back.


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